Past Life Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing is used to heal the mind and body of physical, emotional, and mental ailments. However, Past Life Reiki Energy Healing goes a step further in helping you to discover different areas of your body where you hold onto “Soul Scar Tissue” from your past lives.

During the session, Sara will find those hot spots connected to your past life and will work to heal them. She will also be given a glimpse into the past life the Soul Scar Tissue is associated with. If you’re already aware of what Soul Scar Tissue you have, Sara will focus on that in addition to anything else she finds.

Like traditional Reiki, Sara will also ensure that your chakras are balanced and that you are grounded and shielded before the session is complete.

After the healing is over, you and Sara will chat over zoom or the phone to go over what she found during the session. This is an excellent way to help heal your body and soul from the trauma it has faced over time as well as to understand what caused it in the first place.

How it works

At the start of your appointment time, Sara will begin the reiki session. You should be doing something relaxing and non-stressful such as reading, sleeping, meditating, relaxing, etc. For the first 30 minutes of your session, Sara will remotely perform your Past Life Reiki Energy Healing. Then, you and Sara will hop on Zoom or the phone (whichever you chose at the time of booking) and talk about what Sara found. Afterwards, you will be emailed a digital recording of the discussion as well as a digital copy of the worksheet used during your session.



Past Life Reiki Energy Healing



Package pricing is available for monthly sessions.

You may choose the delivery of service at the time of booking.

All sessions include a complimentary digital recording (voice or video) that will be emailed to you the same day as the appointment.