Mentorship Program

Spiritual Tides Mentorship Program -- For Adults

This 3-month program will allow you to study under Sara to enhance or build your spiritual skills in an effort to benefit yourself, help others, and/or start a spiritual business of your own.

The program is designed for the purpose of sharing Sara’s wisdom, experience and guidance to anyone hoping to expand their spiritual horizons. While each individual package can be catered to you, and what you’d like to get out of the program, Sara has set certain topics in place in order for you to find out which spiritual healing modality best fits you and your life purpose. The program plan can be emailed to you upon request to help you decide if this program is right for you.

This package includes the following:

  • TWO 60-90 minute sessions each month to be scheduled ahead of time (via Zoom or phone)

  • TWO 30 minute or less updates each month to be scheduled ahead of time/as needed (via phone)

  • Digital recordings of each session or update

  • Unlimited email check in and responses

  • “Spiritual Starter Kit” which includes crystals, essential oils, cleansing kit, pendulum, and more

  • Organized and structured agendas for each scheduled session

  • Personalized guidance from your loved ones, guides and guardian angels during each session

  • If paid in full up front, you will also receive TWO complimentary services of your choice to be performed any time during this three month period.

Delivery of Services (choose one):

In Person

By Phone

By Zoom Video Conference

Emailed Report (Digital Recording)

Emailed Written Report (*For the hearing impaired only)

All sessions include a complimentary digital recording (voice or video) that will be emailed to you the same day as the appointment.



Spiritual Tides Mentorship Program


If not paid in full, a deposit of $150 is owed upon booking. The remaining balance will be billed over the remaining months of the program.

Spiritual Tides Mentorship Program -- For Children

More information for this program coming soon!