Lost Pet Communication

This service is for people whose pets are missing. Communicating with a pet who is lost or missing has a different dynamic compared to normal animal communication sessions. The lost pet is out of their element; they may be anxious, stressed, scared, or disoriented. While it is still easy to make the connection with the animal, the information received may not be as clear as when they are at home and comfortable.

When speaking with lost pets, I work with them to receive clues as to their location. They give me signs and symbols, not street names or coordinates. I also inquire about their current state of health as well as reasons why they became lost in the first place. After all the questions are asked, I give them energy cleansing & healing and begin the process of leading them back to you. I work with God and the Angels to energetically connect their hearts to yours.

At the start of the session, the first thing I find out is if the animal is still alive or if they have passed on. If they are still alive, I will move forward with the above information and anything else you want me to ask. If they have passed on, I will communicate with their spirit giving you validation that I connected with them as well as the closure that’s needed regarding how it happened and more.

I’ve had success with this service, but I’ve also had some pets that unfortunately did not return home. Please know that this service does not guarantee the return of your pet, but it will give you insight or closure to the situation regardless.

Booking this service will give you the Lost Pet Communication as well as two brief follow-up sessions with your pet (if they’re still living) to see how they’re doing and if their location changed.

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The most important thing to remember is to think positive during this process and imagine your pet(s) returning home to you rather than continuing to worry if they will ever be found. The power of intention is real no matter if it's positive or negative, so be sure to think positive!

If your pet is missing, my heart goes out to you. Stay strong and positive, sending nothing but loving thoughts and energy to your beloved pet.


Lost Pet Communication

$90 / Urgent - $180


You may choose the delivery of service at the time of booking.

All sessions include a complimentary digital recording (voice or video) that will be emailed to you the same day as the appointment.