Animal Reiki Energy Healing

This service is perfect for people who don't necessarily have questions for their pet, but want healing for them. The only questions/conversation with the animal will be to ask how they're feeling as the healing is being performed. If you have questions for your pet and also want healing for them, you will want to book an Animal Communication session instead.

Reiki is given with the intention of bringing healing and balance to your pet’s entire body, mind and spirit. Reiki helps to remove any pain, negative feelings, thoughts or emotions, and replace them with healing and positive energy. This is also an effective way to bring restoration to their chakras as well, which if not maintained, can throw their body out of whack.

Many people seek Reiki for their pets to help revive them after going through a traumatic experience (emotional, mental or physical), or to simply relieve stress and pain from the body.

This service can be performed both in person and remotely. For those who cannot receive this energy cleansing in person, Sara uses a “surrogate” stuffed animal in place of their body and channels the pet’s energy into the plushy. Reiki Energy Healing, like many other spiritual abilities, is done with the intention and visualization of healing their body, mind and soul. This helps to explain how Reiki can be performed remotely as well.

In addition to a verbal report, Sara will also provide the worksheet she uses during their session via email, so you can see the areas of focus in their body that was worked on during the session.


Individual Reiki Energy Healing

$90 / Urgent - $180

Package pricing is available for monthly sessions.

You may choose the delivery of service at the time of booking.

All sessions include a complimentary digital recording (voice or video) that will be emailed to you the same day as the appointment.