Animal Communication & Healing

People who would like to communicate with their living pets would find this service beneficial. Animal Communication can help you and your pet to strengthen your bond, and to understand them better. Sometimes, just knowing you are willing to hear the animal's voice is enough for them to appreciate and honor you more.


Energy Cleansing and Healing is always included with this service. If your pet has any pain, Sara will help to remove it or lessen the discomfort depending on what is going on. This is also great for animals that have been around a negative situation or environment and need to be cleansed, if they've experienced trauma or if they're afflicted by a past life experience. 

Sara uses energy work to remove the negative and replenish their bodies with positive, healing light energy helping them to feel refreshed and more comfortable. She also works with the animal to explain the process and why the healing is necessary.

Animal Communication is perfect for:


  • Addressing certain behaviors

  • Preparing your pet for a life event (such as moving, going on a vacation, or a procedure for the pet)

  • Receiving general information

  • Understanding where and why your animal is physically hurting

  • Bringing comfort to your pet

  • Helping your pet to move on from past traumas or negative situations

  • Learning the details of a pet’s life prior to living with you (great for rescue or shelter pets!)


Individual Animal Comm. & Energy Cleansing

Up to 6 Questions - $100 / Urgent - $200


Group Animal Comm. & Energy Cleansing

Up to 3 Questions each - $75 per animal




Package pricing is available for monthly sessions.

You may choose the delivery of service at the time of booking.

All sessions include a complimentary digital recording (voice or video) that will be emailed to you the same day as the appointment.