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Sara Comeau is a psychic medium, animal communicator, and spiritual healer from Saint Louis, Missouri. She is a lifelong advocate for helping others, and has always encouraged happiness and love among those around her. According to Sara, laughter is the best medicine and she believes it majorly lifts the spirits of all who heartily indulge in it. She grew up around very loving and generous people, and wanted to continue that way of life as she became an adult.

Sara received an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration in 2010 from the St. Louis Community College, and kick-started her young adult life by enlisting in the U.S. Air Force that same year. The military was a perfect fit for her personality as she excelled and achieved many accomplishments during her enlistment to include earning a Bachelor of Science in Space Studies from AMU. In 2013, Sara was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a stress and food induced inflammatory bowel disease, which ultimately led to her early retirement from the military in 2015.​

Since her diagnosis, Sara has endured physical pain that would sometimes keep her from doing the things she loved. She had to completely change her eating habits and ambitious social schedule to accommodate this new challenge in her life. Although it has been a difficult learning curve, Sara is grateful for all that she has learned from this disease such as patience, compassion, and gratitude.

Throughout her healing process, Sara grew closer to God and learned of the many ways that He assists us through His love. She sought out a holistic healer who helped and inspired her to live a healthier life. In time, she realized that she also had a passion for helping people spiritually, as well as by sharing her experience and life lessons.


Sara hopes that the services she offers will assist her clients in discovering more about themselves, help them heal from emotional and mental wounds, and grow in spirit. She has learned so much from her own journey and is excited to share it with others. She knows healing the soul can make a dramatic difference in an individual’s health, attitude and overall quality of life.

Sara is married to her wonderful and very supportive husband, Jacob. He has been the greatest positive influence in her life. They share a love for each other, Disney, and their two dogs. Anubis and Athena, both Doberman Pinschers, have enriched their lives with laughter and unconditional love since the day they were brought home. Sara and Jacob have recently relocated to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to break away from the big city life, and find peace and happiness surrounded by nature.

Anubis, Jacob, Athena & Sara

Services Offered

Medium Readings - Individual & Group

Animal Communication

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

Spiritual Mentoring

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