Welcome to Spiritual Tides! It is my pleasure to offer services in divine healing for people and animals. It’s a priority of mine to help clients heal, become inspired, and rejuvenate their soul. In an effort to move swiftly through the grieving or healing process, it is critical to revitalize yourself, so you can get back to living a happier, more fulfilling life.


Going through such events as the loss of a loved one or cherished pet, or even coping with traumatic experiences can cause a lot of pain and stress that affects your physical and spiritual self. Spiritual healing aligns the soul’s path for more positive opportunities to come in and can lead to an overall healthier life.


My intention is for you to feel comfortable and know that you deserve love, healing and light. My wish for all my clients is for them to release the pain and stress of the past, embrace the present, and positively plan for a promising future. We all have it in us to do this, and through the services I offer, I can help you get there.


In addition to the many spiritual services I offer, I also host the Spiritual Tides Mentorship Program for people who wish to explore their own spiritual path through numerous ways including learning how to communicate with spirit and animals, listening to their own intuition and so much more.


I also offer classes through Zoom and in person covering various topics such as pendulums, animal communication, mediumship, tarot cards, past lives, crystals and even sex. I love to teach others, so I am always coming up with new ideas to bring to my clients.


I am pleased to say that all of the services I offer can be completed in person, by phone or through Zoom Video Conferencing, so that I may reach clients anywhere in the world. I also have options for the hearing impaired as well. Please refer to the Services page for more details.


Finally, I post a lot of interesting pictures, thoughts, and videos on the Spiritual Tides Facebook page. I also run specials from time to time that are only visible to people who follow my page, so be sure to like and follow Spiritual Tides to stay in the loop!

Thank you for taking the time to view my website!


With much love,



Sara Comeau - Sara@spiritualtides.com

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